Good Evening

That’s how Alfred Hitchcock started each episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The third season was just released on DVD, and the AstroWife and I are currently enjoying two or three half-hour episodes and evening.

Hitchcock’s show definitely belongs on the list of 100 Best TV Shows of All Time. What a trip to see a young Bill Shatner overacting using only dialog! And even better, a 15 year old Carol Lynley as a teen who can’t wait to bust out.

But the highlight is still Alfred’s monologues (both pro- and epi-). The humor and wit not only stand up to this day, but far surpass most anything stand-up comics are presenting now.

Hum… that list of 100 Best (should be in scare quotes) TV shows is, um, interesting in its own right. I gotta love a list of TV shows that includes The Monkees and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. But Felicity? Buffalo Bill?? The Real World??? – That show spawned *all* so-called reality TV shows, which killed TV forever. None of these belong anywhere near a list like this.

And where is Andy Griffith, or Gilligan’s Island, or The Wonder Years, or Babylon 5, for Pete’s sake?

And South Park makes the list, but neither Rocky & Bullwinkle nor Johnny Quest do? A travesty!

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