The Religion of Peace?

[Note: Since composing this, the news wires have reported that British teacher Gillian Gibbons guilty of insulting religion, and have sentenced her to 15 days in prison.]

According to my religious beliefs I’m supposed to be very, very leery of judging. But I recognize evil when I see it. Name a teddy bear after a student in the Sudan, and just look at what can happen:

Mrs Gibbons faces 40 lashes and a year in jail after being charged with insulting Islam. Reports today suggested the complaint against her had been made by a secretary at the school.

Apparently, some followers of Islam there think that is not the appropriate punishment.

Extreme Islamic groups said Mrs Gibbons “must die” and urged Muslims to hold street protests after prayers tomorrow.

Yes, yes – bluster and threats. I know. But what I also know is that even the mere threat, make that threats, against this woman insult and discredit Islam, incite religious violence and show contempt for religious beliefs. And those who make these threats, starting from the two parents who complained about the naming of the toy, if they really exist, through the agents of the state that have incarcerated her, the judge that sits in trial today, to the Imam, Hassan Al Turabi (who will be called as an expert witness, and who is a supporter of Osama Bin Laden), should face trial under Sharia law for those crimes.

To me, that would look like justice.

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