More Frustrations Over AGW

Oh, the anxiety over global warming!

You know, maybe it would be a good idea if humans went extinct? Then all these morons who think that people trying to avert global disaster have “an agenda!”? will disapear into oblivian. What agenda? Clean air? Less dependence on Arabs for oil? Some just give me one good agenda someone would have to try and stop global warming? Just one! You morons deserve to die! You are too stupid to perpetuate as a species. We are the only, so called “intelligent ” species on the planet that pollutes it’s own water and air ans soil? How intelligent is that? I just feel sorry for the children who will never have the chance to enjoy being alive because of ignorant people like the ones on this web page! See you in hell!

Posted by: Pete | December 4, 2007 1:02 PM

I didn’t see too many comments (maybe three out of one hundred?) to this article referencing tomorrow’s Senate vote on a Global Warming bill, that agreed with that one. In fact, the comments were so overwhelmingly on the other side of issue, claiming that global warming is a scare tactic meant and a leftist plot, that I had to check the web page to make sure I hadn’t strayed into some sort of right-wing extremist, warming-denialist screed.

But Nooooo – it’s the Baltimore Sun.

The frustration felt by the two or three believers like our friend Pete, above, was pretty obvious.

This is no scientific poll or sample, and any statement based on comments to a news story is going to be subject to revision. Lots of revision. But I start to wonder if the idea of Anthropic Global Warming (AGW) has officially “jumped the shark”. Apparently, its acolytes, like Scientific American and New Scientist haven’t converted too many new believers, and may have indeed lost a few followers with their proselytizing.

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