What To Do, What To Do (’bout global warming)

I was pointed to this amazing exercise in self-flagellation about the frustrations of having good intentions about global warming. The author, Madeleine Bunting, is caught between knowing what she does is ineffective, and knowing that what is effective isn’t going to happen:

[W]hat sacrifices is one prepared to tolerate when they are pathetically insignificant compared with Chinese power stations going up at the rate of two a week?

Is it enough to have halved family meat consumption, have foregone flights for several sun-starved years and arranged a life in which habits of cycling to work and walking to school are routine? No, it’s just scratching at the surface. If the developed world is to implement the 80% cuts in carbon emissions the UN demands as part of the talks beginning in Bali today, the lives of our children will have to be dramatically different from everything we are currently bringing them up to expect.

James Lileks at The Bleat proceeds to absolutely skewer Ms. Bunting:

Agreed. And if the developed world is to implement the 95% reduction in human population proposed by the Bilderberger’s Ultra-Secret Herd-Thinning Initiative, our children’s lives will be drastically shorter than they’re being brought up to expect.


It’s the rationing system some want, I suspect. It will be the job of the state to decide how many times a week you can eat meat, how many rooms you should have, what sort of vehicle you drive, how many times you may fly, how many toys you can buy your child.

Incidentally, she’s also written that reducing consumption is one thing – but it’s more important to not have lots of children. Well, she has three, and does not appear to share a dwelling with their father.

For shame.

I can’t to justice to Lileks’ writing, so please, read the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did.

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