Gibson or Fender?

Decisions, Decisions. Les Paul or Stratocaster? Tastes great or Less Filling?

Guitars are beautiful instruments to look at, and Ed Driscoll captures the beauty and fun at The 2007 Arlington Guitar Show in Texas.
There, at almost exactly 2:00 into the video (and on the opening still), you can see a black Les Paul Standard, on the right, the one I have.

I love my Les Paul. I love the sound, the balance and neck feel, and the way it looks when I’m playing rock star. Man, if this guitar can make me look cool, it can make anyone look cool. It’s the only way to play rhythm.

But my next guitar (if I ever get another) will be a Strat. The sound, the Hendrix-Clapton-Vaughan heritage, the feel – completely different from the Les Paul.

Aaarrgghh! I can’t decide! I must have them both!

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