Climate Change Debate – Updated

Great Climate Debate on BlogTalkRadio. Scheduled: Andrew Dessler, of Texas A&M University, and Timothy Ball, a retired professor from the University of Winnipeg debate global warming and take questions from listeners.

It’s a long one – running 1h 30m, and perhaps not the most scintillating of discussions.

I’ve listened to the first 45 minutes, with only Dr. Dessler joining in the debate (I believe technical difficulties prevented Dr. Ball, the AGW Skeptic, from attending). Dr. Dessler does an admirable job of presenting the Anthropic Global Warming arguments, but this is not exactly a balanced discussion without Dr. Ball.

And for what it’s worth, my opinion is that balance isn’t to be found in the numbers of scientists that believe one thing or another. It’s in the the amount of data available (it’s very small except for some areas for very recent times), it’s reliability (as the debate over Hansen’s data showed, it may not be as reliable as we might wish. Scratch that – it isn’t) and it’s interpretation.

Update: Here is the video to go along with Tuesday’s audio post. And with it, a surprising review.

Even more surprising, the review echos my sentiments exactly.

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