Angry, But Rational?

Jon Voisey calls Christians pathetic.

Not only do you have to emblazon every piece of currency with “In God we trust”, and shove “under God” into a governmentally sponsored pledge, and put your commandments in government buildings, and make every elected official trip over one another to prove themselves the more pious, and force religious nonsense into schools under the guise of science, but apparently, now you need a special resolution of congress to tell you you’re special.

[Update: Just after hitting the publish button, I found this, which expresses a somewhat different point of view:

Hang on. Sit down, in fact. You’re not going to believe this one.

Nine U.S. Representatives voted against a resolution expressing support for Christianity in general and Christmas specifically.

Ho hum, you say? Here’s the punch line to the story. When similar resolutions were put up for a vote on behalf of Ramadan and Diwali, no House members voted against them.


That’s interesting. He calls himself angry, after all. I wonder what he thinks of Muslims.

What I’m wondering is, what rational person would think that Christian fundamentalists are more dangerous than Islamic fanatics? Fear might offer a partial explanation of why criticism of the latter would suddenly be avoided entirely after 9/11. But what explains the sharp increase — in tone and volume — of attacks on Western religions? If we assume the attackers are more afraid now of radical Islam than they were before 9/11, this would explain the reluctance to criticize Islam. But fear of radical Islam does not explain the upsurge in attacks on Western religion, unless the fearful classes are involved in projection.

But what is rational about projecting a fear of Islam into a fear of Christianity? That’s like saying Bush is scarier than bin Laden.

Even atheists — who by their own logic ought to condemn all religion equally — often become highly selective when the conversation turns to fundamentalist Christianity vis-a-vis fundamentalist Islam. Very odd, because atheists are freely tolerated in the West, while under Islam….. well, this comes from the Wiki entry on persecution of atheists:

Non-believers–atheists–under Islam do not have “the right to life”. Apostasy in Iran is punishable by death.
But Christianity is worse?

I guess this is not a rational process.

Protestations to the contrary, I guess it’s not.

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