Owe It To Buffalo

My Bills did not make the playoffs this year. It’s a hard row to hoe when you’re in the in the same division as the New England Patriots these days. That means you’re automatically fighting for one of two wild card slots in a conference that sports the Colts, the Steelers, and the Jaguars – the table stakes are 10 games in the win column, minimum. Not easy to do in the AFC.

But the Washington Redskins made it, in high style, crushing the Cowboys when many called the Dallas team the best in the NFC. Their last loss (to Buffalo, as it happens) was just after the sad loss of their best defensive player, Sean Taylor. To them, congratulations.

Like loyal Buffalo fans, we’ll just quietly note that the ‘Skins defensive coach, Gregg Williams, was Buffalo’s head coach just three years ago. And that Todd Collins played for Buffalo in better days. And oh – yeah we still remember that Ron McDole came from Western New York too (but that was a loooooonnnnngggg time ago). Ahem.

Bills fans leave 2007 with the same cry they shout so many seasons…

Just Wait Until Next Year!

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