A Little Close to Home

Ever been away from home only to discover that something terrible is happening essentially in your back yard?

Police were searching in the nation’s capital Wednesday for a prisoner who overpowered two guards at a suburban Washington hospital, shot a driver and fled in his car, officials said.

The incident began about two miles from my home. The better (if not good) news is that the car was found tens of miles away, in Washington DC.

Poke, who was serving life plus 40 years on kidnapping, carjacking and robbery convictions, was accompanied by two guards from the maximum-security facility to Laurel Regional Hospital, about eight miles away, where he was admitted, said Greg Shipley, a spokesman for the Maryland State Police.About 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, on the fourth floor of the hospital, the prisoner “overpowered a correctional officer” and took his .38-caliber revolver, Shipley said.

You hate to see this kind of thing happening only 2 miles from your home, and trust me on this, it’s worse when you’re 25 miles away and loved ones are alone in the “danger zone”.

Oh well. It’s not like this kind of thing happens every day, is it?

Another prisoner escaped from the Laurel hospital in November after taking a state trooper’s gun and was captured a few hours later.

Apparently, it is like that.

Asked how a similar incident could occur so soon afterward, Shipley said, “We’ll certainly be looking into that.”


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