Which Party Is Religious?

My soon to be cannonized mother is a lifelong Democrat, in the JFK tradition. But over the past few elections, not many Catholics have appeared in the heirarch of the Democrat party.

As early as 1972, a third of Democratic delegates identified themselves as “nonbelievers.” I then did research into the fact that secular and religiously liberal Democrats in the late 1960s and early 1970s toppled the party’s Catholic bosses in what amounted to a coup d’ etat. I read in the autobiography of former governor Robert Casey of Pennsylvania that at the 1992 Democratic convention, members of his delegation handed out pins of him dressed up as the Pope to ridicule him for his opposition to legal abortion.

Mark Stricherz goes on to ask what percentage of Democrats are secular and what percentage is religious (as distict from Catholic), and finds no answers being reported.

The absence of coverage about the Democratic Party’s faith is a major oversight, tantamount to not covering the religious faith of Republicans. By not following up on the Democrats-have-gotten-religion story, reporters further the idea that Democrats are basically a secular party. Conservatives like Ann Coulter can claim that Democrats are godless.

It’s a good question, almost as good as asking why they’ve done it.

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