It’s The World, Stupid

I’ve been noting that our national attention is focused (as is historically normal for this country) on domestic affairs, much more so than on foreign matters. For instance, the assassination of Benazer Bhutto barely blipped the radar by January 1. Would rogue nations with nuclear capabilities pique our interest?

As we noted yesterday, the January 1 deadline for North Korea to turn in a complete accounting of its nuclear-weapons program, as it agreed to do last February, has come and gone without any sign that this homework assignment will ever be turned in.

Simultaneously, the lead stories are about: Football coach Joe Gibbs resigns from the Redskins, a Suspect Lead Police to Hikers Body and Dr. Phil Crosses the Line with Britney Spears. A-huh. I get it. I just don’t understand what news is, and I should leave that to the pros. Sigh – They have the early primaries to contend with, after all.

But Hugh Hewitt has a question, over at

Senator Obama, what would you do about North Korea’s record of talk, agree, double-cross, cheat and threaten?

Think we’ll hear that one asked? Not today, I suspect.

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