A Swing And A Miss

I haven’t mentioned it, but many people have reported that asteriod 2007 WD5 could hit the planet Mars Later this month. A “pre-discovery” photo let astronomers peg the odds of a strike at about 1 in 25 just two weeks ago. That would have been scientifically interesting, to say the least.

But thanks to more observations (time will do that!), the orbit has been revised again, and lo, the odds of a strike are now back down to 1 in 40. That’s pretty high as far as these things go. High enough that if 2007 WD5 was aimed at the Earth, it would be causing lots of concern (and the fear of a strike would be causing real damage, even if the strike never came). But it’s low enough that I wouldn’t be playing any games of chance based on those odds.

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