Poll Dancers

I have reflexively discounted this over the past two or three election cycles. But is it a bigger (much bigger?) thing than I imagined? Possibly.

My goal as a political opinion poll dancer is to take up as much of his time as possible by giving misleading, long-winded and totally inaccurate answers to survey questions in hopes of one day producing an outcome — not a Hillary Clinton victory, per se, just a result that defies the pollsters — like the one produced last night in the “Live Free or Die” state. And, while I would like to take sole credit for the results in New Hampshire, I know I must share credit with others like me.

How many others? After the New Hampshire primary results, I suspect it was more than I realized.

Um… Remember the surprise on the left after the results of the 2005 presidential election came in? Much freaking out ensued, and it was dubbed “The Exit Poll Crisis”.

But hey – you never know.

H/T to Glenn (of course).

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