Obama on Space

As I find them, I will continue to post information on the major candidates stated policies on Space and Scientific Research. Yesterday, Barack Obama‘s campaign released this information about his objectives.

Barack Obama believes that the United States needs a strong space program to help maintain its superiority not only in space, but also here on earth in the realms of education, technology, and national security. Over the years, NASA technology has been applied to improve everything from computers and medical technology to baby formula and automobiles. Work done at NASA, whether here on earth or in outer space, impacts the daily lives of all Americans.

The statement indicates support for the next generation of space vehicles, the completion of the ISS, and continuing manned and robotic missions. I’ve only skimmed the statement, but on the surface it seems ! very “motherhood and apple pie”. I would have liked to have seen more on his plans for the NASA budget, the prioritization of manned vs. unmanned missions, and um… exactly how will we “strengthen Math and Science Education”, Sen. Obama, and since you brought it up, how will that be paid for, may I ask, respectfully?

I would be tremendously gratified to actually see answers to my questions in advance of the election, but no, I don’t expect that from any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican.

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