Patterico Demonstrates The Scientific Method

We should all know it by know. Observe, predict, hypothesis, rinse and repeat (oh – that last part is the 21st expression of it). But it applies to the factoids seen in the local fish-wraps too.

The L.A. Times editorialized in December:

If tranquillity is best assured by “a more equal distribution” of the nation’s wealth, we have much to fear. Our schools are faltering; our healthcare system leaves millions without access to doctors. Many are homeless or face the loss of homes. Some seethe at illegal immigrants who compete with Americans for jobs. In our America, 60 million people survive on $7 a day.

Annie Jacobsen was skeptical of that number, and wrote a fascinating piece about where this statistic came from. She notes that, if you accept this number, it means that fully 60 million live on less than $2,555 a year — even though the U.S. Census Bureau says only 37 million people live in poverty.

Patterico demonstrates how it’s done, even if the only tool is google.

It looks like big media may now have it’s watchdogs. Wouldn’t it be nice if big science could find a few?

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