Giuliani on Space

I promised to highlight the leading presidential candidates’ positions on space exploration and NASA budgets as I find links. Today the AP reports on Rudy Giuliani’s statements following a tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

“A strong NASA and a revitalized space program will be a priority for a Giuliani Administration from day one,” Giuliani said.Giuliani said he would try to narrow and possibly even eliminate the four- to five-year gap in human launchings from Cape Canaveral that is expected once NASA’s space shuttles are retired in 2010. The shuttle replacements, intended as eventual moonships, are not expected to fly with astronauts until at least 2014 or 2015.

“This is not acceptable,” the former New York City mayor said. “America should be No. 1 in space. We have been. We shouldn’t lose that position.

“We should be capable of developing a new launch vehicle and at the same time keep up with our current commitments, and we shouldn’t have to be dependent on other countries for what America should be able to do.”

As I will probably be noting with all the candidates (and I expect all of the Republican candidates to speak to NASA employees in Florida before the primary), I would love to hear specifics, especially on the NASA budget. I doubt any of the candidates want to give numbers at this point, but it’s clear that Giuliani favors an emphasis on manned space exploration. My question to him would be “Does this come at the expense of unmanned, scientific missions?”

On that, the AP did not report.

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One Comment on “Giuliani on Space”

  1. John Benac Says:

    Rudy is right to support NASA. Hopefully the other candidates will feel the heat and make similar statements. You need to help! is your pipeline to the candidates ears. Call fax, and email Romney, Obama, and Clinton and tell them that they need to fund space!

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