Romney on Space

Romney supports the Vision for Space Exploration, but would not commit to anything like raising spending levels for NASA. According to the Space Politics blog,

According to a transcript by the Sentinel, Romney said he supports “the NASA program, the president’s vision program, which consists of a manned space mission back to the moon, as well as an ongoing mission to Mars.” When asked about the gap, he said that “there’s gonna have to be an effort to either narrow the gap or to maintain technology or to provide opportunities for the key engineers and personnel so that we don’t lose the capacity to carry the program forward,” which seems to open the door to not shortening the gap if he finds there are alternatives to avoid a loss of personnel and capabilities. He added that the issue is something “I’ll look at if I’m lucky enough to get that job.”

This is not a primary source (and perhaps The Orlando Sentinel is), but to me, the most telling words attributed to Gov. Romney in the Space Science write up are “I’m not making promises“.

The Republicans are, of course, speaking to the Space Coast personnel before the Florida primary. The Democratic candidates are not doing the same at this time because their primary will (probably) not count.

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One Comment on “Romney on Space”

  1. John Benac Says:

    Romney needs to learn more about the program, and it is up to us to motivate him to learn more.

    Let him know what a large constituency (outside of Florida) deems it necessary and important to explore space. gives you the tools to email, fax, and call Romney on the phone, as well as the other candidates.

    go to now and do your part to promote what you are most passionate about!

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