It Was 40 Years Ago Today

…approximately, that someone (probably John Lennon) spoke in a distorted voice at the very end of the fade out to “Strawberry Fields Forever” the words “I buried Paul”. Between that and an open hand above McCartney’s head on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album, we had a great deal of fun looking for the clues to Sir Paul’s demise. I think we decided that the body was found in the Octopus’s garden, and the deed was done by Mean Mr. Mustard, with a silver hammer owned by Maxwell (probably on Wednesday morning at five o’clock).

Or something.

The 21st century version is playing out now.

Paul McCartney says recent media reports that he had a heart procedure last year are “entirely untrue.””People are ringing and texting me saying, `Are you OK?'” he writes in a posting on his newly redesigned Web site. “I hadn’t seen the report so I was puzzled by so many enquiries about my health. So I think it’s a good time to put this rumour to rest.”

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