Have You Been Paying Attention?

Via Art at New Wineskins, an actual, factual, real test of your knowledge about global gorebal warming.

Remember, the economy you save may be your own.

Hey! Is there a tag that reads “Just because I feel like a wise guy today”???

And just in case you misunderstand my snarkiness, here’s a few facts from Don Surber.

Arctic ice is back. Antarctic ice is at a 30-year high.And China suffers its worst winter storm in 50 years.

And Jerusalem suffers a major snowstorm.

And Baghdad suffers snow for the first time in memory.

And Iran suffers snow and a harsh winter that may cost Ahmadinejad his job.

And Afghanistan suffers snowstorms that have collapsed its emergency services.

And Chicago suffers its worst snowstorms in a while.

It snowed in Southern California.

I’m leaving out record snows in Ottawa and other places because the point has been made.

But these are not facts about Gorebal Warming. These are facts about our biases and our reports.

Actually the sea’s temperature is not proof of global warming.In fact none of the anecdotal evidence offered so far proves any of this — any more than it proved cataclysmic global cooling three decades ago.

Which leads to the Arctic ice situation. Christopher Booker of the London Telegraph pierces that myth in “So it appears that Arctic ice isn’t vanishing after all.”

He follows up on the panicky reports from September that all the ice is gone and polar bears are drowning (which would be good for those tasty baby seals they subsist on) and crocodiles are heading north … OK, I made up the last one.

But the point is made.

Oh yes. It is.

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