Kerry Blames Tornadoes On Global Warming

Yes, he does.

Kerry appeared on MSNBC on February 6 to discuss storms that have killed at least 50 people throughout the Southeastern United States. So, of course, Kerry used the platform to advance global warming alarmism.

Alrighty, then. What would the experts say? From Roger Edwards, a meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma

As of this writing, no scientific studies solidly relate climatic global temperature trends to tornadoes. I don’t expect any such results in the near future either, because tornadoes are too small, short lived, hard to measure and count, and too dependent on day to day, even minute to minute weather conditions.

But, since tornados feed on the heat energy in the atmosphere, doesn’t it make sense that a warmer atmosphere would produce and power more and stronger tonadoes?

Is it possible that any given shift in global temperature patterns may eventually change long term tornado risk probability? Maybe, just maybe if we make assumptions built on assumptions built on assumptions, about subtleties of regional warming (or cooling) by a few degrees, and how it might change the distribution of the four basic ingredients for tornado producing storms (below). Do we have anything that can stand up to scientific tests? Not even close, not yet.

In the meantime, our prayers and sympathies go out to everyone affected.

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