Canterbury Tales

Pope John Paul the Great made motions towards communion with the Anglican Church. In a sense, that would have meant the Catholic Church and the Anglican Churches having a relationship that resembles the one between the Catholic Church and the Greek (and Russian) Orthodox Church. It remains an unfinished project.

Perhaps after this, that fact can be considered a good thing.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has endorsed the adoption of shari’a in Britain, calling it “inevitable”. Most of the British beg to differ, and Rowan Williams now finds himself at the center of a multicultural meltdown:

The Archbishop of Canterbury was embroiled in a fierce political and religious row last night after he called for aspects of Islamic shari’a law to be adopted in Britain.
Dr Rowan Williams said that it “seems inevitable” that elements of the Muslim law, such as divorce proceedings, would be incorporated into British legislation.His comments were immediately attacked by Downing Street, religious groups and MPs from all sides. The head of the equality watchdog denounced his claims while several high-profile Muslims also criticised Dr Williams.

This comes after Dr. Williams maintained that it is not necessary for Christians to believe in the Virgin Birth.

Mollie Hemmingway at Get Religion has much more.

When anyone calls for the inclusion of sharia law in the well-established legal system of England’s liberal democracy, that’s a huge political and religious story. When the person calling for Muslim law is the leader of a large Christian church communion, it’s hard to understate the gravity of the situation. This story has huge implications in Britain and beyond and I look forward to seeing some quality reportage and analysis out of it. Please let us know if you see any particularly good or bad stories.

Terry Mattingly, call your office!

Added Late:
High Church Officials are now calling for Williams to step down.

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