Villanova March Madness – Almost

But for an atrocious call with one second left in the game, Villanova could have, but didn’t, defeat eighth ranked Georgetown in the Hoyas own house.

First, some housekeeping: no carping this morning from Villanova fans about referee Bob Donato’s call with one-tenth of a second left against Corey Stokes. Georgetown’s Jonathan Wallace had the ball, and was moving upcourt, and then he was out of bounds, because Stokes bodied him out of bounds.
It’s so easy to sit in a TV studio and say, “Let the kids play.” Players play to the whistle; refs ref to the whistle, and Donato was right, and after Wallace knocked down both free throws, Villanova lost a 55-53 heartbreaker at Verizon Center. Nobody messed up.Unfortunately for the Wildcats, that’s probably going to be their epitaph this season:

Well, it seemed like an atrocious call to me, anyhow. But what to I know? I’m a biased Wildcat fan.

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