And For The Last Time, It’s Still Too Early

…to say the nomination process is over, much less the election. Yet the NYT seems to think it’s a done deal.

They have a campaign headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and are opening field offices now; an Ohio spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said there were staff members working in the state’s 18 Congressional districts.Still, after eight straight losses by Mrs. Clinton since Feb. 5, and with finances only now stabilizing, the campaign is scrambling to build up its forces in both states. On Tuesday afternoon, it sent an urgent request for help to volunteers in California, New York and other states that have already voted, asking people to travel to Texas and Ohio “to spread Hillary’s message and help her win.”

“We are setting up field offices and are looking for volunteers to travel into these states and spend as much time as they can,” the campaign e-mail request stated. “Every phone call made and every person on the ground makes all the difference.”

The message did not mention assistance with travel costs.

If the Clinton organization appears a little improvisational, a review of its recent performances suggests that Mrs. Clinton was outmaneuvered by Mr. Obama, who won some of his victories by margins of two to one.

Patterico has it right.

Read it all. It’s the pre-death post mortem.The media has already decided who should/will win. The question is whether the country will fall in line.


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