What Is Congress Doing These Days?

Certainly not passing a FISA bill.

Today, I found out that there are three Americans who have been held captive by FARC, a terrorist gang, in the Columbian jungles. They’ve been there for five years.

At least a few weeks ago, FARC confirmed that the three men are still alive. They offered them as part of an exchange that Hugo Chavez tried to arrange, but the Colombian government got very suspicious of Chevez’ intent in engaging with his ideological allies in FARC.

I learned that China is disputing Spy Charges brought against a military contractor, and that US border officials have found wire on the US-Mexican border, the kind that is used to decapitate people (like boarder patrol).

U.S. border officers found a wire between two fences along the U.S.-Mexican border that, when stretched taut, could have seriously harmed or even decapitated Border Patrol agents, Congress was told Wednesday.“It was configured in a way so that, if it was pulled, it would take off the head of a Border Patrol agent riding in an open car,” Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said at a House budget hearing.

So what, pray tell, is Congress busy with these days?

Apparently, if only Al-Qaeda used steroids, then they’d be interested.

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One Comment on “What Is Congress Doing These Days?”

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