Another Look At NASAs Budget

Phil Plait took a look at NASAs budget at the end of January, and pronounced it “okay”.

He took a second look more recently, and now he’s not so sure he likes it. Not at all.

The more I read about the budget proposal for NASA, the less enthusiastic I am about it. I praised it before, but that was before I read it carefully. The synopsis sounded great… but I should have known better.My own Representative, Mark Udall (D – CO), is on that House subcommittee. He said:

The Administration has chosen not to request any additional funding for the Constellation program in this latest budget request, despite congressional encouragement from both sides of the aisle to do so. . . I intend to work hard this year to develop legislation to reauthorize NASA.

That’s a little odd. Phil proports to be a careful reader, generally. I wonder what’s changed his mind. Could it be funding for the Constellation program?


From Rand Simberg:

There’s been a lot of programmatic chaos going on in Constellation and ESAS that I haven’t been commenting much on. The program remains in big trouble, both because it has weight/schedule and budget issues, and because the budget issues are getting tougher, with continuing resolutions and the like. These are all the result of bad initial choices made in the architecture, which focused on an unnecessary new launch system, instead of coming up with concepts for sustainable in-space infrastructure that could use existing commercial launchers, as recommended by some of the CE&R teams.

Sigh. It’s true that chaos is the normal state of programs at the early stages, especially large ones. Still, there’s nothing wrong with the Constellation program (and NASA in general) that couldn’t be fixed by getting Congress out of the picture.

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