Already Bored With It

I’ve seen it repeated several times already this morning – Obama’s victory speech last night was boring. Not a good sign for his campaign.

From The Corner:

“During this Houston speech tonight, folks are cheering at the wrong times, they’re talking on the phone, clapping indiscriminately … more than one person there – enough that it’s noticeable – are just not listening to what he’s saying”

From Instapundit

Jeez, I went upstairs, put the Insta-daughter to bed, came back down, and Obama is still talking. The folks behind him now look bored, not energized. This isn’t quite Bill Clinton 1988, but hey — less is more, Barack.

Apparently Hillary Clinton was no better. From The Corner

“I think the only word to describe her speech was “droning.” It was a relief when Obama preempted her.”

Was this inevitable? Of course. This campaign has already gone on waaaayyyy to long for anyone’s attention span. By October we’ll be ready to throw the orators into the lion’s den. We’ll be ready to coronate the first one to shut up.

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