Checking The Experts

A Large GalaxySometimes the experts should do that. Currently, that’s not standard practice. SOP is to rely more or less (usually more) unquestioningly on other’s results.

“We were tossing around ideas about the size of the Galaxy, and thought we had better check the standard numbers that everyone uses. It took us just a few hours to calculate this for ourselves. We thought we had to be wrong, so we checked and rechecked and couldn’t find any mistakes.”

Some people just hate it when you look over their shoulder, especially when they’re wrong about THE SIZE OF A GALAXY!!! [Don’t shout. -ed]

“Some colleagues have come up to me and have said ‘That wrecks everything!'” says Professor Gaensler. “And others have said ‘Ah! Now everything fits together!'”

And don’t you hate when that happens?

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