The Greening of Maryland

At who's expense?Slime is green.

Maryland is about to abuse itself.

The bill before lawmakers would require Maryland to slash emissions of carbon-based greenhouse gases 25 percent by 2020 and 90 percent by 2050. If adopted, the carbon reductions would be the nation’s steepest.

How bad is it, Johnny?

Even administration officials behind the bill conceded that they don’t know whether it’s possible to achieve the 90 percent reduction without the invention of new technology. And they also told senators it would be better if the whole nation, or all nations, took similar measures. “We’re hearing a lot of questions about whether these goals are realistic,” said Environment Secretary Shari Wilson, talking to senators about the proposal. She concluded the 90 percent goal is “very realistic” because new technologies will be invented.

It would be better for the whole nation??? To ask the Ayn Rand question, “At who’s expense”?

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