Why I Hate House

Hugh Laurie as HouseIt’s a great show – don’t get me wrong. It’s a unique experience to find a show on television that tries to not insult its audience.

However, House makes three very fundamental mistakes.

First, have you ever worked in a situation, or ever seen a collection of people together, of whom you could say “These are all amazingly intelligent people. And they’re good looking too.”? Me neither. They have the intelligent-and-rude part right, and the beautiful-and-rude part. But no ugly and no dumb is ever seen, rude or otherwise, even in the patients. Unlikely.

Second, the writers don’t know people anywhere near as well as they think they do. The sexual politics is just wrong. Oh yeah – the sex is gratuitous, too.

Third, why wasn’t House fired in the first five minutes? I don’t care how brilliant he is, he wouldn’t last two in any real world situation, much last five years/seasons. And they say Shakespeare was too contrived.

If you’re interesting in this kind of list, Mensa lists their 10 most intelligent TV shows. For my money, the list is next to awful, listing M*A*S*H as the most intelligent (You must be joking. M*A*S*H was great comedy in the McLean Stevenson years, but much more preachy than intelligent after. Never knew when to let it go, either). Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series is number two, but that always seemed to be aimed at teens at best.

The most intelligent shows IMHO were/are Nova, The Ascent of Man (PBS), The Wonder Years, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, The Bullwinkle Show (!!!), The Dick Cavett Show, The Bugs Bunny Show and WKRP in Cincinnati.

How’s that for a list!

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3 Comments on “Why I Hate House”

  1. Buffalo Blood Donor Says:

    You left Roger Ramjet off your list. Must’ve been an oversight.


  2. Joe Says:

    Holy cow, you’re right!
    I’ll chalk this one up to premature alzheimer’s.

    Thanks for the memories, Paul. ;>

  3. […] It worries me a little that it sometimes takes quite a bit of luck to get the proper diagnosis in today’s medical environment.  But you know, I think it bothers me even more that life is imitating TV! […]

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