Where Have All The Sun Spots Gone

At the end of last year, I pointed you all to a view of the sun taken by SoHo on 12/26/07. The daily view is here.

You may have wondered where all the sunspots have gone. Here’s today’s sunspot photo.

And here’s a photo of the sun from two weeks ago.

Between the two, almost the entire surface of the sun is visible. There are no sunspots. We’re past the end of the solar minimum, and a year later, there are no sunspots.

Ok, I lied. There are sunspots there, but they don’t show up at the resolution of the reproductions here. They’re just very small sunspots. The end of the minimum is a bit late, but not unprecedented.

But you should be aware that this approaches historic minimums, the kind we saw during the Maunder Minimum. A “little ice age” is not some figment of eco-hysteria, but a real, historic fact and one that changes the course of history.

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