I always thought that when I retire I would like to become, once again, a teacher. It would be immensely interesting and even fun to teach high school math or physics or astronomy or even computer science, I thought.

Years ago I spent one or two afternoons a week tutoring junior high school and high school age students in the area. It was a pretty good experience – the students in the program were chosen, not because they were difficult, but because, for one reason or another, they were having difficulty. Usually it was the result of some trauma at home: In one case, the boy’s father had been recently incarcerated. He, however, was only as rambunctious as any normal 13 year old, and just needed some extra attention that he wasn’t getting at home. All I had to do was show him that he already knew how to “do his fractions”, and he merely had to show his teacher. What I didn’t encounter were students who were hell-bent on throwing it all away, those really hard cases that not only make the teachers dispare, but poison the environment for all the others in the class.

Then I saw this.

Milford officials have expelled a Jonathan Law High School student accused of lighting her science teacher’s hair on fire during class.

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