Of Exercise and Men

Before and AfterI know the source is not credible, but The New York Times reports that light exercise reduces fatigue.

The study volunteers used exercise bikes that allowed the researchers to control their level of exertion. The low-intensity exercise was equivalent to a leisurely, easy walk. The more intense exercise was similar to a fast-paced walk up hills. Patients with fatigue due to serious medical conditions, such as those with chronic fatigue syndrome, weren’t included in the study. Both of the exercise groups had a 20 percent increase in energy levels by the end of the study, compared to the control group. However, the researchers found that more intense exercise isn’t the best way to reduce fatigue. The low-intensity group reported a 65 percent drop in feelings of fatigue, compared to a 49 percent drop in the group doing more intense exercise.

“Too often we believe that a quick workout will leave us worn out – especially when we are already feeling fatigued,” said researcher Tim Puetz, who recently completed his doctorate at the university and is the lead author of the study.

In other words, the idea that exercise causes fatigue is simply wrong. The idea that fatigue is your body’s way of telling you to find the nearest couch is also wrong.

So long as you don’t overdo it, light to moderate exercise reduces fatigue. So on the ground and gimmee 25, you slacker!

I’ll bet you thought that you were done with push-ups and sit-ups when you left high school. Right?

Oh – wait. We’re talking about leisurely walks here.

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