John McCain On The Economy

After securing the Republican nomination, Sen. John McCain said yesterday:

I will leave it to my opponent to argue that we should abrogate trade treaties, and pretend the global economy will go away and Americans can secure our future by trading and investing only among ourselves. We will campaign in favor of seizing the opportunities presented by the growth of free markets throughout the world, helping displaced workers acquire new and lasting employment and educating our children to prepare them for the new economic realities by giving parents choices about their children’s education they do not have now.

That’s not bad. It beats telling GM assembly line workers who are currently out of a job that “Your jobs are not coming back.”, even if that’s truthful. For a man not particularly interested in economics, it actually sounds like a bit of straight talk without making you want to exmarflagate* the messenger.

Now if only McCain would reconsider his position on a Cap-and-Trade for carbon offsets and global warming…
H/T to Jim Mann at NRO.

* Hey – that’s a perfectly cromulent word.

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