Time Flies

Yeah – pesky.
Back in the day, my mom used to tell me about her childhood, during the great depression. To me, it was ancient history, of course, with 20 years having elapsed between the events she told me about and the time of my ignoring her…

So letzee – twenty years ago was – just yesterday, wasn’t it? Gee. Ronald Reagan was still president, and the Berlin Wall was still up, and The USSR was still the big threat and Father Figure was still number 1 on the charts and… it was just yesterday, I tell ya!

Ahem. Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy blogs that this affects NASA too, with a whole generation of personnel for which Apollo is ancient history, and how this brings with it a slew of problems.

A quartet of them put together a PPT presentation about how NASA can join the rest of us in the 21st Century, and they called it Gen Y Perspectives. I think everyone at NASA should read it, and moreover, they should take it to heart.

When I was a kid, NASA stood for adventure, exploration, cutting edge science, pushing back frontiers. It stood for people walking on the surface of another world.

It’s hard for a lot of people my age and older to understand this, but NASA doesn’t mean the same thing to kids these days.

He’s right – it doesn’t. It isn’t the same organization will the same mission, either, and that’s not an accident or anything other than by design.

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