Banning Laptops

I didn’t realize that there’s been a backlash against the use of laptops in some university classrooms. It seems that the ban is spreading to business, too. From Inside Higher Ed:

More and more professors – hell, entire departments – are banning laptops from their classrooms. Now the business world’s doing it too, since people in meetings are using their laptops for the same reason, and in the same way, most students are using theirs:

[Meetings] can be quite a pain for many people involved. They can get pretty boring, so the participants start to lose interest. As a result, many people have started bringing their laptops into these meetings, presumably to entertain themselves… [Companies] are starting to crack down on the practice [because] most people are watching YouTube videos and posting comments on Facebook walls…

Oh gee… They wouldn’t consider that they could MAKE MEETINGS LESS BORING!, would they?

And seriously, when you’re contractually committed to recording meeting attendance, agenda, actions and assignments (as you often are in many government contracts), do they really want to devolve back to pen and paper (and a stenographer) for this? Or are they considering stone tablets and chisels, perhaps?

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