In The Dark Of Night

Ed Morrissey tells us a tale about a thief in the night. 100 of them, actually.

Remember how a dozen Senators lined up to co-sponsor Senator Jim DeMint’s one-year pork moratorium? Well, each of them brought a friend, but that was about all of the support the amendment received last night, when Harry Reid scheduled the vote. In the late hours of the night when news coverage would be minimal, the Senate rejected the moratorium, 29-71.

All three major presidential candidates voted for the amendment to put a moratorium on senatorial earmarks for one year. From the LA Times

Even the entreaties of the three senators running for president weren’t enough to persuade their colleagues Thursday to curb their appetite for earmarks – the practice of designating federal dollars for pet projects.
Senators soundly rejected a one-year moratorium backed by the presidential hopefuls – Republican John McCain and Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton – even though it put senators from both parties at odds with their presidential contenders.

Funny that.

How did your senators vote? Both of mine voted for more pork barrel spending.

Sam Clemens had it right. They’re in session. You’re not safe.

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