The Value of Experience

DuncesWhen they have no experience, some politicians generally rely on good advisers. Oops.

Before the press began looking into the inflammatory rhetoric of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, they fawned over his association with Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. In a Chicago Tribune profile that appeared just as Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency in January 2007, the Senator confirmed the close relationship with the firebrand preacher at Trinity United Church.

It’s preferable to run on your experience. Except when it’s not.

Hillary Clinton has tried to claim credit for everything politically popular that happened during her husband’s administration, and has even attempted to create a few that never happened at all.

Sometimes you can truly rely on your own decades of experience. And sometimes, you’re a fool if you do.

Recent U.S. Senate hearings into alleged global warming, chaired by Arizona Republican John McCain, were among the “most biased” that a noted climatologist has ever seen – “much less balanced than anything I saw in the Clinton administration,” he said.

and from Dr. Manhattan

We don’t generally expect presidential candidates to be experts in scientific research, and McCain lived up to expectations with that conversation. In truth, McCain far overstated the extent of the “divided scientific opinion” as to the connection between thimerosal and autism. In short, there is neither a connection nor much of a divide in the scientific opinion about the question.

Curly, meet Larry And Moe.

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