Hugyens Video

HuygensWhen NASA launched Cassini, it was really launching two missions (and two spacecraft) at once.  The second was the European Space Agency’s spacecraft, which parachuted its way to the surface of the largest moon in the Solar System, Titan, in January of 2005.  This week, ESA released a rather amazing video that compresses four hours of decent time (and the landing) into just over 4 minutes.

The display in this presentation is stuffed full of information, enough so that I viewed completely through twice before understanding what was being shown.  It’s worth studying.

At the bottom of the linked page is a link to a high resolution version.  Although I do remember seeing the hi-res version, this is apparently not it.  The resolution is the same as the 11 Mb version at top, where the labeling on the graph is barely legible, even when viewed in the full screen mode.  Apologies for that.  If I find the high res version again, I will post the link to it as an update.

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