Enceladus - Credit JPLCassini Deputy Project Scientist, Linda Spilker, brings us up to date on the data trickling in from Saturn.

It’s been a whirlwind here at JPL as the data from the Enceladus flyby comes pouring in, and we scientists have been doing our thing . . . culling through it all! Sometimes there’s so much to choose from that I feel like a kid in a candy story. There is much excited email chatter among the many Cassini teams, all suggesting awesome findings. These first-looks are being matured by the team members, and we have begun to share and compare results.

Morose bunch of people, those scientist types, who can’t tell a trickle from a flood…

Oh, wait – they seem actually happy.  The fly-by was a success?  Why haven’t we heard the news?  Could it be because the main stream press has other, more pressing things to write about?

Sorry.  Sarcasm key stuck again.

Spiker writes about the glitch with the CDA, and puts it into perspective.

You may have already seen the press release from JPL explaining that the Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) had an unfortunate software hiccup at closest approach to Enceladus and their data was not recorded.  The CDA instrument measures the composition of small particles that hit the instrument, which is an important thing to do at Enceladus to understand its geyser-like jets. But like all small bumps on the road to discovery, we will find out what happened, fix it and get on with our business about the Saturn system.  And what an amazing system it is.

According to her, preliminary results will be released in about two weeks.

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