Upset City

Villanova BasketballYeah, that’s Tampa, Fla. today, because all four of the underdog teams who played there yesterday won.

The Villanova band chanted as the final seconds ticked away early Saturday morning on the No. 12 seed Wildcats’ 75-69 win against fifth-seeded Clemson. “UP-SET CI-TY! UP-SET CI-TY!”

Cinderella still has her castle about 70 miles up Interstate 4 in Orlando, but she also has a place by the water. Four games, four wins by double-digit seeds over their single-digit brethren.

Of course, in the case of Villanova, that was no fluke.  It was destiny.  But for the other underdogs… Wow!  What a night!

If you are keeping track of my first round picks, I came out a mediocre 23-9, even counting as a loss the non-pick I made in the Indiana-Arkansas game.  My South Regional bracket is completely intact, but the Midwest and West brackets are wrecked with three misses each, the worst being Connecticut (seeded #4), who lost last night to San Diego (seeded #12) in a major upset.

It only could have been better if #15 Belmont had finished off #2 Duke in the South Regional in overtime.  If wishes were fishes…

So, for the second round:
In the East:
#1 North Carolina beats #9 Arkansas
#5 Notre Dame beats #4 Washington St.
#3 Louisville beats #6 Oklahoma and
#2 Tennessee beats #7 Butler

In the Midwest:
#1 Kansas beasts #9 Kent St. (those Cinderella just don’t last that long, mostly…)
#12 Villanova beats #13 Siena (Ha! – They’re not done yet!)
#3 Wisconsin beats #11 Kansas St (The true Cinderella team of this round and
#2 Georgetown beats #15 UMBC

In the South:
#1 Memphis beats #8 Miss. St.
#4 Michigan St. beats #5 Pittsburgh (Big 10 basketball is still overrated)
#3 Stanford holds on to beat #6 Marquette (but I don’t have alot of confidence in this one) and
#2 Texas beats #7 Miami Fla.

Finally, in the West:
#1 UCLA beats #9 Texas A&M
#13 San Diego beats #12 Western Kentucky
#3 Xavier beats #6 Purdue (because Big Ten basketball is still overrated) and
Overrated Duke beats #7 WVA (but boy, did they come close to losing to #15 Belmont).

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