Sweet Sixteen

Villanova BasketballOkay, so I’m a very mediocre, heading towards “blah” territory 11 and 5 in the field of 32 in my NCAA picks.  But am I unhappy?  No way, bub!  Villanova make small work of Siena, Duke bit the big one and even Georgetown is out of it – who wodda thunk it!  Well, maybe Georgetown losing is semi-sweet, because true Villanova fans would have loved to see the Wildcats get back that 1 point loss against the Hoyas earlier in the season.

But what a weekend.  I’m sure you saw Tennessee (on of the favorites to win it all) barely squeak by Baylor (who?) today.  And who the heck is Davidson, of all teams, to beat mighty Georgetown?  And, of course, WVa beating Duke is just downright sweet.

The Sweet Sixteen surviving teams will meet on Thursday and Friday in their respective arenas.  And you’re just forcing me to make predictions again.  Okay, you asked for it!

In the East:
#4 Wash. St. will beat #1 NC, because the ACC is half as good as it thinks it is. [And this differs from every other year how, again? – Ed]
#2 Tennessee beats #3 Louisville because they keep their cool.  I watched them keep their cool when Oklahoma made a furious, emotional run and took the lead on Saturday, only to lose it to a team that refused to run scared.  Of course, if you had a pair of 7 foot tall twins playing for you, would you run scared?

In the Midwest:
#12 Villanova beats #1 Kansas, because I’m a homer and the Big East is the best conference in college basketball.  Again.  Seven of the (record tying) eight teams that they placed in the tournament won their first game, and 4 team survive now, more than any other conference.
#3 Wisconsin beats #10 Davidson, because you only get to kill one giant a year.

In the South:
#1 Memphis beats #5 Michigan St. because Magic Johnson no longer plays in Lancing.
#2 Texas beats #3 Stanford, but I’m guessing at this one.

In the West:
#1 UCLA beats #12 Western Kentucky, but this could be the upset pick of the year, if you happen to pick them.  I think they could do it, with a little luck.  But it’s unlikely.
#3 Xavier beats #7 West Virginia .

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