Teaching Vs. Indoctrinating

We’re quick to recognize when elementary and secondary schools are indoctrinating our children.  That’s a good thing – we should be on a hair-trigger when it comes to our children’s education, and parents are right to monitor what their children are being taught, and even to speak out loudly and challenge the schools when they feel it’s wrong.

But when it comes to universities, we have a tendency to “defer to authority”.  When a professor says something, it’s easy to assume that his is an informed perspective, and that even if what he’s giving is an opinion, it’s a well considered opinion, not to be challenged lightly.  What would you do if, for instance, 500 universities got together and signed a declaration that said that they would all use a curriculum designed to teach and support astrology?  Imagine your reaction if you found that all the schools in your state university system followed a curriculum where courses mutually supported and reinforced the idea that eugenics, or some equally repugnant notion, was a good idea?

Erin O’Connor at Critical Mass tells us a just such a tale of indoctrination and propaganda.

The University of Connecticut is the latest institution to sign on to the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, a pledge to reduce signatory schools’ carbon footprint that includes a “declaration that global warming is caused by humans” and that also requires the signing institution to implement curricular changes that are in line with that declaration. 537 other colleges and universities across the country have already signed on to the document, which reads in part, “We [the undersigned] recognize the scientific consensus that global warming is real and is largely being caused by humans.

And if you said “Well, what’s wrong with that?”, you haven’t been reading my screeds, have you?

The science that shows that “global warming is caused by humans” is, well, weak to say the least, and wrong to say the most.  And that’s the part remaining after the junk science is removed.

O’Connor rightly notes:

New data show that the earth has not been warming over the past decade, but has been cooling–despite rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The theory of anthropogenic global warming is keyed to carbon dioxide–as Al Gore tells us, humans are putting huge amounts of it into the atmosphere, which is why the planet is warming, and which is why we all have an obligation to reduce our carbon footprints. The problem is that this chain of events has not been shown to be true–and is the subject of serious scientific challenge.

Very serious challenge.  I’ll be hunting down the 537 signatory colleges and universities, if only to help my granddaughter (and her father) decide what schools she should consider for college in about 16 years.

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