Mud-Vill-anova – Updated

Villanova BasketballMighty Casey struck out yesterday. Those of us hoping for a repeat of the wonder of 1985 will (like sports fans from Western New York usually do) JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON!


So I was 4 and 4 in the predictions in the Sweet Sixteen round of NCAA basketball, which is pretty mediocre (and consistent with my first and second round record). The entire left side of my brackets got whipped out, but the right side remains.

Now, bravely onto the next round!

In the East, North Carolina will face a tough Louisville team, and squeak by them to make the Final Four.
In the Midwest, Kansas, looking cool and professional, will finally bring down a psyched Davidson, the one true Cinderella team this year.
In the South, Memphis will beat Texas, I think. And I will not be too surprised if they don’t.
And in the West, Xavier beats UCLA in the one (minor) upset.

And Thus, It Is Written.

If my record holds, two of those picks are likely to be wrong.

Update: Two of the four games this weekend are in.  Congratulations are due to Bruin fans and UNC fans.  UCLA rather destroyed Xavier (making a mockery of my prediction) 76-57, and UNC did get by Louisville  83-73 (but the game was much closer than that throughout).

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