Obligatory April Fools Post

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the true stories from the made-up ones.

It’s weird here on Earth, where
third graders are expelled for plotting to do in the teacher.

… and even weirder in space, especially when a  robot takes over the International Space Station.

You can, of course, get away from it all by taking a vaction on Mars.

We cannot ignore the marvelous accomplishments of our athletes.  Baseball season has just started, and the Mets have a
Mets have a rookie who throws a 168 mph fastball.

Don’t forget the accomplishments of our scientists either, especially when  Scientists build photon guns.  Can a photon torpedo be far behind?  (They are Star Trek fans, after all.)

Our politicians are athletes too!  But the news is that Sen. Obama’s low bowling score leaves him in danger of losing citizenship.  And regardless of how that turns out, Sen. Hillary Clinton wants to take the fight over the Florida and Michigan convention delegates right to the hardwood convention floor, by challenging Obama to a bowl-off for them.

There are dark, dark doings in the federal government.  The EPA leaves IBM suspended from all US federal contracts, but no real reason for the ban is given!  Who’d a thunk that the EPA had that kind of power?

And there are darker dangers when following candidates on the trail.  Statistics show that fainting spells increase after a surge of stories about Barack Obama on April 1.  Very, very plausible.

But the darkest news of all, is that April 15 is coming! Oh no!  But never you fear –  Harry Reid Informs us that taxes are voluntary.

True?  Or not?  We blog, you decide.

I apologize for not having a link to the “Britney Spears Having Space Alien’s Baby” story.  That would be a little too credible for April Fools.

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