Airport 2008

Yesterday, guest commentator DJR reported in Patterico’s that, in Orlando Fla., a passenger acting suspiciously caused security to react.  They found he had the elements of bomb materials in his effects.  A slide show of the event is here.

The opening of London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 has proven to be a disaster. What went wrong? Everything.

BA has said “initial teething problems” with car parking, delays in getting staff through security screening and staff familiarisation had resulted in a backlog of baggage which meant severe delays and flight cancellations over the days that followed.

The first warning signs came as early as 0400 GMT on Thursday when passengers began to arrive, only to be confronted with the same problems as the staff in trying to find somewhere to park.

The road signs were apparently not clear outside the terminal, and people said they were given wrong directions once inside.

But that was only the start of their problems. All the check-in desks were apparently closed at 0400 GMT, leaving passengers no option other than to form a queue.

Of course, we’re all being told to be careful about what we wear to the airport…

The Transportation Security Administration said Friday its officers at a Texas airport appear to have properly followed procedures when they allegedly forced a woman to remove her nipple rings — one with pliers — but acknowledged the procedures should be changed.

Next time, they pay me to fly.

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