Disjointed, But Mated – Updated

I was dismayed and to be honest, disgusted at the implications of this video, where at least two teenage girls are taped viciously beating a third. It’s ugly. It makes you wonder what’s happened to common decency. But the very next site I went to happened to be The Anchoress, and without intending to, she pointed me to exactly the right words to explain this, and the remedy for the dispare this video brings. The words are from Psalm 14.

The fool has said in his heart:
“There is no God above.”
Their deeds are corrupt, depraved;
not a good man is left.

From heaven the Lord looks down
on the sons of men
to see if any are wise,
if any seek God.

All have left the right path,
depraved, every one;
there is not a good man left,
no, not even one.

Will the evil-doers not understand?
They eat up my people
as though they were eating bread:
they never pray to the Lord.

See how they tremble with fear
without cause for fear:
for God is with the just.

You may mock the poor man’s hope,
but his refuge is the Lord.

Sometimes the right words are whispered.

Update: Many thanks to the Anchoress for her kind link, and Welcome! to her readers.

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One Comment on “Disjointed, But Mated – Updated”

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