Opportunity At Cape Verde

No, I’m not changing jobs again.  I’m talking about the Mars Rover Opportunity at the Martian crater known as Cape Verde.  Emily Lakdawalla fills us in from The Planetary Society’s Weblog.

The driving ahead looks treacherous; Opportunity has run out of bedrock to drive on. There may be bedrock just millimeters below the dust that lies ahead, but there’s no way of knowing how deep it is without testing, and the slope is going to make the footing treacherous for the rover. I guess they are going to have to advance very, very carefully. This approach may be very much like the scary creep that Opportunity performed in order to cozy up to Burns Cliff in Endurance Crater. If Opportunity succeeds in nosing up to the cliff it should result in an even more spectacular panorama.

And here I thought the rovers were still in hibernation for the winter.

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