The 7 Stages

It just seems too obvious.

“This was not an Obama gaffe. This was not a scandal. This was a calculated attack. The American people are not stupid. They see this for what it is, a hatchet job and it will not hurt Obama, but ABC and perhaps Clinton somewhat for piling on.”

Denial – “Last night, they blinked.”

and more denial.

Prominent Clinton PA Supporters Switching Sides Today
First, the traditional media is turning its back on George Stephanpoulos and Charlie Gibson for its horrible performance. Even Clinton supporter Ed Rendell was disappointed with the debate. Then this morning, Obama picks up another superdelegate endorsement from Oklahoma. Now, Clinton supporters are coming out to denounce AND reject her for being a Republican in Democratic clothing.



We Are Guilty of ABC’s Crime
[T]his site is treating the primary just like ABC news does. Candidate diaries are, almost without exception, “gotcha” pieces that take one small comment and blow it out of proportion, or that use one mis-step by a candidate (here, it’s usually Clinton. On MyDD, it’s usually Obama), and turn it into the prism through which we view the entire Democratic primary.
What ABC did last night is shameful. But so is a lot of what’s going on here.

Anger – “This Diary Tells You HOW to Fight Back.”
and – more anger – “Obama Should Openly Attack ABC ASAP
And finally, Depression – “Some post-debate humor that may explain things.”


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