Less Than Secure

Spy vs. SpyVia Slashdot, this article from Above Top Secret describes a major security hole throughout the Federal Government.

The very-real concern, being investigated by the FBI, is that either the Chinese government or Chinese hackers (or both) have had the benefit of undetectable back-doors into highly secure government and military computer networks for months, perhaps years. The cause: a high-number of counterfeit Cisco routers and switches installed in nearly all government networks that experienced upgrades and/or new units within the past 18 months.

I don’t think that the threat is that these counterfeit routers are substandard in some sense, and will therefore stop working at a critical moment. I think the threat is that the chip is it has a “back door” method to make it transmit to other routes on command.

But that raises another question. Aren’t the chips for both the real and the counterfeit routers made in the same factory?

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