Yes, But Is It Moral?

I belong to an interesting little on-line organization called Gas Buddies.  It’s a way to keep track of local gas prices, and – what the heck – it’s free.

When you participate, you find out pretty quickly that ethanol is not very popular.  And why not, you make ask?  Because it’s doing nothing for you, I answer (along with many participants in the group).  Lately it’s come to the group’s attention that, above and beyond being just not helpful, ethanol may be hurting our pocketbooks.

The indispensable Anchoress asks an even better – and more trenchant – question.  Is ethanol moral?

I’m sure that sounds extreme, and I don’t mean to. It also sounds very Roman Catholic, but I can’t help that; it seems to me that there is a morality question here – is it ever right to burn food for energy when people are hungry?

I think she’s right to question it (and I think the answer to her question is ‘no’).

And as a de-facto national policy, it’s also stupid.

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